2019 looks like a busy year for Sonya Hussyn. The ‘Azaadi’ star, who began in films with Jami’s critically-acclaimed ‘Moor’ (2015), shall appear in singer and actor Farhan Saeed’s cinematic debut ‘Tich Button’, a musical set in the backdrop of Punjab, alongside Firoz Khan and Iman Ali. The period play, ‘Aangan’, where she made a special appearance, hasn’t finished yet. She is also due on a music video by Shani Haider.

Titled ‘Kahaniyaan,’ the video shall see her performing contemporary ballet dance. To quote the actress, it “is not your traditional love song. It has a unique pop touch to it.”

The video, which is directed by Haris Qadeer and choreographed by Gohar Hayat, shall be released by Times India.