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They say talent runs in the blood. Whether that is a myth or not, the fact remains that talent is often passed on to your following generations.

Noted singer and former Fuzon lead vocalist Shafqat Amanat Ali, who belongs to a famous Patiala ‘gharana’ of musicians, is now looking at his son, Sadaat, to carry his legacy forward.

Amanat junior, barely 20, recently dropped a single titled ‘Kol Kol,’ a Punjabi pop fusion number, with a simple and unembellished video directed by Nouman Javaid. It’s his second solo track after 2019’s ‘Tu,’ and is released by Patari.

Sadaat, who is currently based in the UK, got training in classical singing from his uncle Ustad Hamid Ali Khan. He began in music as a teenager when he formed a band with a cousin. Together, they created a number of songs, but due to some disagreements they soon parted ways. But he is now making use of some of the melodies which he says he owns, ‘Kol Kol’ being one of them.

The song is Sadaat’s collaboration with Ahsan and Ali, who are renowned singer Pervez Mehdi’s sons.