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The first episode of producer Sadia Jabbar’s web series, ‘Shameless Proposals’, was released recently amidst much fanfare. Directed by Hunny Haroon, the episode takes a satirical look at the ‘desi’ culture of match-making, with the aim of exposing its fallacies in a light-hearted way.

The episode opens in the drawing room of a middle-class household, where an elderly woman is hosting a family comprising a self-absorbed man and his nitpicking parents who are here to broker a match for him. The scenario is a typical one, but the writers (Sajji Gul and Atlas) inject enough fun into it so that the viewer is never jaded. Add to it the fact that the host lady is actually a young man playing the part.

The series pokes fun at the double standards our society has for women and men. The episode ends with the woman rising to give the man a piece of her mind.

“Rishta lenay aya hai ya punching bag? [Are you looking for a match here, or a punching bag?]” she booms. Everyone is stunned.

The barely eight-minute-long episode does justice to its title, ‘#MachoMan: Say No To Physical Violence.’ Its racy screenplay and a peppy background score complement the mood of the play.