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Pakistani TV actress Ramsha Khan’s biggest challenge right now is to “prove to the world I’ve a personality and an identity of my own.”

One of the most prominent new stars, Ramsha is referring to being constantly labelled a lookalike of Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma.

In an exclusive chat with Gulf News tabloid!, she admits that as much as she finds the comparison flattering, she is done with it.

“Also, I am not a fan of hers,” she says.

Currently riding high on the success of her two back-to-back drama serials — ‘Kaisa Hai Naseeba’ and ‘Khud Parast’ — Ramsha began as a model in TV commercials, circa 2012, while she was still in school. Later, she says she “dropped out of A-Levels to shoot ‘Thora Jee Le’ [2016],” a film that bombed at the box office.

But Ramsha was noticed.

Interestingly, ‘Thora…’ was one of the two films Ramsha had auditioned for; the other being (the now-shelved) ‘Albela Rahi’, which was to also star Fawad Khan.

To her credit, Ramsha bagged the central “grey role” in her very first TV show, ‘Woh Ek Pal’ (2017), alongside Feroze Khan and Ayesha Khan, and pulled it off famously well.

“I consider myself lucky that I got to play diverse characters very early in my career,” says Ramsha, whose next show, ‘Tumhari Mariam’, saw her as being cast as the titular character, a self-sacrificing and devoted housewife. It was followed by another family drama, ‘Mann Gharrat’, re-titled as ‘Kaisa Hai Naseeba’, in which Ramsha’s screen name was Mariam, yet again.

“It’s just a coincidence,” she explains. “Basically, all pious women in our plays are usually named either Mariam or Noor.

“Mann Gharrat means ‘fabricated’. I liked that title more, I still don’t know why they changed it,” she adds.

More recently, Ramsha signed on an untitled project with Ahsan Khan.

“It’s a romcom,” she says, “And you will see me in a completely different avatar.”

The show, which is penned by comedy genius Dr Younas Butt and directed by Mazhar Moin (best known for ‘Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa’), also stars Saba Faisal, Hina Bayat, and Rehan Shaikh.

“My problem is that I can’t repeat myself. Acting is my passion, and I am here to play as many interesting characters as I can. I don’t know if I can afford to last long in the industry with this attitude,” she chuckles.

As for cinema, she says, “Films don’t excite me that much. Not for now, at least.”

A Karachi girl who was raised in Lahore, Ramsha is a very cosmopolitan person in real life, and has her priorities set right. “I was a student of sociology and psychology,” she says. “I wanted to become a psychiatrist. I might return to studies in the future, if all else fails.”