Minal Khan Kylie Jenner
Image Credit: Instagram

A large section of social media went into a frenzy when it discovered Pakistani actress Minal Khan had cheekily reposted American model and reality TV star Kylie Jenner's Instagram story under her own name.

The ‘Sun Yaara’ star shared a beautiful photo of "her own" sumptuous breakfast plate on Monday morning. Social media users were quick to spot that Khan had simply cropped the model's name from the image and reposted it as her own.

Going by this incident, it's clear that nothing can be kept a secret from social media users in this day and age. By Tuesday night, Khan's name was trending on Pakistan's Twitter timeline.

Kylie Jenner fruit basket
On Monday, cosmetic mogul Kylie Jenner posted a trays of fancy fruit that read "KylieAir" on her Instagram story. Image Credit: Insta/kyliejenner

Netizens wondered whether to laugh or be outraged by the arrogance of the influencer, who has a sizable fan base herself, for emulating a superstar with a larger fan base.

Keyboard warriors made memes out of her posts shortly after she published her Insta story, calling her out for copying other celebrities' social media content.

One of the users said, "Does Minal Khan really think none of us follow or know who Kylie Jenner is?"

Another quipped, " On today’s episode, presenting you Minal Khan and her fetish to look elite by copying @KylieJenner breakfast story. ."

In the middle of this, the 'Nand' actress reposted a fan's Instagram post and tried to justify her actions. "Hahaha, so pure soul satisfaction," wrote Khan.

Minal Khan food insta story
The Insta story that broke the internet. Image Credit: Intsa/minalkhan.official

Khan has worked in multiple projects including 'Hassad', 'Qismat' and many more in the lead.