TAB Festival Director Harsh Narayan at an event-1595836932882
Festival director Harsh Narayan. Image Credit: Supplied

Where Zindagi on Zee5 is being seen as an important platform for Pakistan TV content, a new film festival, said to be ‘South Asia’s 1st Borderless Digital Film Festival’, looks all set to showcase Pakistani films.

The nine-day festival, which is named the Indus Valley International Film Festival (IVIFF), will be held online on their portal, starting August 1.

For Harsh Narayan, the festival director who had been wanting to curate such a festival for the past three years — it was called Pakistan International Film Festival back then — it’s a major achievement, especially at a time when the relations between India and Pakistan aren’t at their best.

He says he wants “to focus on creativity for international relations and social change, further addressing how creative ideas being exchanged, aide in the development of communication links as well.”