190217 Man bike
A screenshot from the video Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: Passengers and security officers were taken aback on Saturday when a motorcyclist reached the departure lounge of the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi overcoming all security barriers.

Video footage and photos shared on social media and Pakistani television channels showed that a young man in black reached the departure area of the airport on his motorcycle, making a mockery of the airport security.

Footage of the incident showed that the airport security personnel overpowered the man and wrestled him to the ground before handcuffing him and taking him into custody.

The initial investigation, according to media reports, revealed that the culprit, Adil Rehman, was a French Pakistani national and it is believed that he is mentally unwell and had come back to Pakistan last year. Another report suggested that he was intoxicated.

The security officials are puzzled about how the man reached the departure gate after crossing all the security checks.

Footage of the man on his motorcycle and later his arrest by the security personnel went viral. Some took serious note of the incident while others made fun of the event.

Prominent television anchor Syed Talat Hussain tweeted on a lighter note: “Guy bring a motorbike to the airport. Perhaps, he doesn’t trust the airlines to fly him quicker than his two-wheeler. The security’s response post event is surreal.”