Danyal Zafar Image Credit: Supplied

Danyal Zafar recently released his second single ‘Blue Butterfly’, which combines elements of R’n’B and soul.

The younger sibling of singer and actor Ali Zafar clearly takes inspiration from international musicians such as Frank Ocean and John Mayer. He wraps up the song with a blues guitar solo.

Lyrically speaking, ‘Blue Butterfly’ is a notch above Zafar’s previous track, ‘Ek Aur Ek Teen.’ It brings to light his sensitive nature as an artist in the way he conveys a deep sense of longing in love. It is said to be his ode to the woman he once loved.

“Blue butterfly was an emoji/symbol of love in my last relationship,” he was quoted as saying. “You can say that this is my last call to her. A yearn. A box full of cherished memories that I haven’t let go of yet. And I don’t know if I ever can. Sometimes, you move on but without ever getting over.”

Zafar will release the video in November. Insiders say it has already been shot in LA.