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Ali Zafar and Maya Ali in ‘Teefa in Trouble’. Image Credit: Supplied

‘Teefa In Trouble’, Ali Zafar’s maiden Pakistani feature and his first film production, recently grossed PKR 500 million (Dh12.9 million) at the global box office.

A humbled Zafar took to Instagram to express his gratitude: “7 months in cinemas. One of the most beautifully manifested endeavours of my life. [Director] Ahsan Rahim you are a magician. Take a bow team as we set another record!”

Also starring Maya Ali, the romantic comedy was released in July last year. It opened to a thunderous response, much against the expectations of some movie pundits who advised Zafar to wait for Eid to release his film or be ready for a low turnout.

Then there were those who had called for a boycott of the film as it starred an alleged sexual harasser. Actress Meesha Saafi had accused Zafar of harassing her. At the movie’s Lahore premiere, a host of youngsters were even spotted protesting. But ‘Teefa…’ drew in a majority of people who were unaffected by the social media outcry.