YangYang's exquisite Chanel bag collection goes viral
YangYang's exquisite Chanel bag collection goes viral Image Credit: Instagram/YangYang

Liu Yangyang, the rapper of a South Korean music band has just gone viral for his love of Chanel bags.

His fans recently discovered that the German-Taiwanese singer, who is a member of WayV, a smaller band under the banner of the popular South Korean band NCT, is often seen sporting different Chanel bags and accessories.

Some are even calling YangYang a Chanel bag “maniac”.

Many fans took to Twitter and other social media channels, to share photos in which they spotted YangYang holding a Chanel bag. Some made a gallery of his exquisite collection.

Twitter user @yyangflwr posted: “I need Yangyang to do a ‘what's in my closet’ [video], where all he does is show off his Chanel bags, jewellery, and perfumes.”

Some fans said it was high time YangYang became an official Chanel ambassador.

“When will Chanel make Yangyang their brand ambassador?” asked tweep @dejuunss.

And, @Lyyfiless wrote: “I love how, every time Yangyang goes to the airport, he has a new Chanel bag to show us.”

YangYang is a part of WayV, a mainly Chinese boy band, which is the fourth overall sub-unit of the South Korean boy band NCT. Managed by SM Entertainment's Chinese sub-label, Label V, the group is composed of seven members: Kun, Ten, Winwin, Lucas, Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang. According to multiple reports, the band is based in China but the members usually live in Korea.

According to a Korean entertainment website, allkpop.com: “K-pop idols are often gifted luxury brand products such as bags as they receive sponsorships to promote the luxury brands. At times though, K-pop idols are just pure fans of these brands that they purchase them with their own hard-earned money. Some wealthy fans also gift idols with such luxury gifts.”