Liam and Noel Gallagher in a file photo
Liam and Noel Gallagher in a file photo Image Credit: AFP

Singer Liam Gallagher hasn’t seen his estranged brother Noel Gallagher in “about 10 years,” yet he remains hopeful of an Oasis reunion some day.

Liam and and his older brother Noel had a falling out in 2009, leading up to the band’s acrimonious break-up that same year, with the Oasis rocker sharing that “it’s a shame” they haven’t been able to let things slide.

Speaking to Esquire magazine as part of the publication’s ‘What I’ve Learned’ feature, Liam spoke at length about the infamous fight.

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Liam Gallagher Image Credit: GN Archives

“The last time I saw Noel was at a football match about 10 years ago. It’s a shame, isn’t it? The good times outweigh the bad times. I think it’s best to just leave it at that.”

Liam said he’s still hopeful for an Oasis reunion one day, but he warned fans not to expect the ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ hitmakers to return any time soon.

“I like to think Oasis will get back together, but not this week. The door is ajar on everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if space aliens landed tomorrow. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were already here. I wouldn’t be surprised if God walks among us. I wouldn’t be surprised by all sorts,” Liam added.

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Noel Gallagher Image Credit: GN Archives

And while the Britpop legends have gone down as one of the biggest bands in the world, the singer played down their legacy.

“Everyone goes on about us being the biggest. There were plenty of places where we could’ve been bigger. We were the biggest thing in England. And we were pretty big in Japan. But we weren’t that big in America, not at all. We never played stadiums in Spain. There was a lot more work to be done, so we shouldn’t have split up, because we could have made more records. It’s a shame,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Liam insisted it was his destiny to be a performer.

Oasis music band
Oasis in a file photo Image Credit: GN Archives

“I do believe I was supposed to be on a stage singing songs. I’ve got some good lungs on me.”

Formed in the northern English city of Manchester in 1991, Oasis dominated the British pop charts well into the next decade with catchy songs influenced by the Beatles, combined with a tough, swaggering image.

In previous interview, Liam blamed the argument that resulted in the demise of Oasis on his anger when Noel mocked the Pretty Green clothing brand he launched in 2009. It led to Liam smashing Noel’s guitar minutes before a gig in Paris. Noel quit the band immediately, blaming Liam’s “verbal and violent intimidation”.

Liam then went on to blame Noel’s wife as the instigator.