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Kacey Musgraves. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Months after announcing her divorce, singer Kacey Musgraves has broken her silence about what happened between her and Ruston Kelly.

The ‘Golden Hour’ singer told Rolling Stone that their marriage just didn’t work out.

“It’s nothing more than that. It’s two people who love each other so much, but for so many reasons, it just didn’t work,” Musgraves, 32, said. “I mean, seasons change. Our season changed.”

The Grammy winner says she now questions the institution of marriage.

“I mean, I was open to it when it came into my life. I embraced it. I just have to tell myself I was brave to follow through on those feelings,” she said.

Musgraves and Kelly, both singer-songwriters, first met in 2016 and got married in 2017. However, less than three years later, they released a joint statement saying they would be parting ways.

“With heavy but hopeful hearts we wanted to put our own thoughts into the air about what’s happening. These kinds of announcements are always met with scrutiny and speculation and we want to stop that before it even starts,” their July 2020 statement read.

“We’ve made this painful decision together — a healthy decision that comes after a very long period of trying the best we can. It simply just didn’t work. Though we are parting ways in marriage, we will remain true friends for the rest of our lives,” they added.