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Dancehall sensation Sean Paul is returning to the UAE for another performance at Base Nightclub on November 3, months after his February gig at the venue. The Get Busy and No Lie singer has been taking the music world by storm for decades, collaborating with the creme de la creme of pop. He tells Gulf News tabloid! all about his savvy, chart-topping collaborations — and his passion for the planet — as he gears up for his Dubai show.

Your latest EP Mad Love: The Prequel was filled with collaborations. Which was the most memorable?

All of them are pretty dope. All my songs are like my babies so I can’t pick just one. That’s for the fans to do, I think. Tweet me and tell me what your favourite one is.

The artists you chose, from Dua Lipa to Migos to David Guetta, all work across different genres. Tell us a little bit about that creative decision.

I do dancehall reggae music, so I like to spread it across the world. I feel like that’s my responsibility. I’m an ambassador for music and I don’t see barriers in music. Good music is good music.

Is there anyone you haven’t collaborated with yet that you feel you would vibe well with on a song?

Yeah, I’ve always wanted to work with Alicia Keys — I think she has an amazing voice. Always been a fan of hers.

As dancehall moves more into the mainstream, what are your feelings about artists jumping in on the bandwagon?

I think it’s great. Like I said, I’m a musical ambassador so I love to see Jamaican music go global and picked up and integrated into other genres — I just want people who use it to give it the respect of saying, ‘Hey, this is a dancehall track.’

Are you working on your next album right now? If so, what can you tell us about it?

Yes. Mad Love EP was subtitled ‘The Prequel’, so obviously there will be a sequel or two... Look for the first one early next year.

Outside of music, how and when did your interest in climate change start?

I live on an island and I swim a lot, so I’m always in nature and looking at what humanity has done to it. It’s our world. We have to take responsibility for it. How can we not?

You recently spoke out about a toxic welding plant in Jamaica, as well. Why was that issue in particular important to you?

I used to swim for Jamaica. I’m still passionate about water polo and I go to the stadium pool to train sometimes. I saw the plant right beside where our national athletes are training for swim meets and games. I couldn’t stay quiet about it. I had to do something.

It’s almost the New Year. How would you look back on 2018?

It’s the year that my Mad Love EP came out and my label Dutty Rock Productions dropped our first artist. His name is Chichingching and the album is Turning Tables. Check them both out. I’m real proud of all the work I did this year.

What are your hopes for 2019?

More music, more life. See y’all soon!


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Entry to Base Dubai on November 3 is free but door policies apply.