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American singer Madonna’s relationship with current boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams, 25, is getting serious, his father said.

According to TMZ, the rumours about Madonna dating Williams, who is one of her backup dancers, have been in the air for months now.

William’s father Drue told TMZ that the couple has been dating for a little over a year now and both of them have taken a serious road in the relationship.

Drue also pointed out that the pair first got together in 2015 when Madonna picked Williams out of the group that auditioned for Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour.

The singer also met her boyfriend’s parents in New York City after one of her shows.

At a performance at her Caesar’s Palace, Madonna welcomed Williams’s parents.

Drue claimed that the singer invited them to her suite and her personal chef cooked dinner for all of them.

Drue further mentioned that in a conversation with Madonna, she told him that she unconditionally loves their son and wants to take care of him. He seemed very happy for the couple.

The singer invited Williams’ parents to her upcoming shows in London and France in early 2020, said the father.