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B.A.P member Zelo has left TS Entertainment following his contract expiration.

TS Entertainment released an official statement confirming Zelo’s departure and explained that the rapper and youngest member of B.A.P decided to withdraw from the group and the agency after he opted not to renew his exclusive contract.

Zelo is the second member to leave the TS Entertainment and B.A.P following leader Bang YongGuk’s departure back in August.

Although the idol’s contract expired on December 2, Zelo completed the group’s Europe tour ‘Forever with BABYz’ with the remaining members earlier this month.

The South Korean label went to express gratitude towards Zelo’s hard work but didn’t clarify the future of the four members — Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae and Jongup — as they have different start dates in their contracts.

The K-Pop idol has been with TS Entertainment for seven years. B.A.P started off in January 2012 with six members. They were immensely popular during their early days but went through a series of issues, from member Kim Himchan’s sexual assault allegations to filing a contract nullification lawsuit against their agency, all before regaining traction in the K-Pop music scene.