181209 SHINee
SHINee Image Credit: Supplied

SHINee bandmate Onew released his first mini album ‘Voice’ days before his mandatory military enlistment.

Onew showcased his expressive, warm vocals in new seven-track album fronted by ‘Blue’, a jazz R’n’B track composed by indie duo Rocoberry and written by Kenzi. The emotive music video shows the Onew singing about loneliness against a stormy backdrop with teary eyes.

In addition to Rocoberry’s participation in producing most of the tracks, Onew teamed up with the likes of producers ZigZag Note, Kenzie and MonoTree. The SHINee member was also credited in writing the lyrics for songs ‘Illusion’ and ‘Shine On You’.

‘Voice’ is his first solo effort since debuting in SHINee over a decade ago, and is set to be the last music release before he quietly enlists in the South Korean military on December 10 for his 21 months of full-time service.

Onew prepared the album as a gift for fans who’ve supported him since the beginning of his career. His dedicated international and local fans returned the favour and made it memorable for the singer by getting his solo debut album to chart high on the iTunes albums chart in 23 countries that includes UAE, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Russia, Thailand, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

Lee Jinki, better known by Onew, is the fourth member of the quintet to release a solo album. It comes a week after his bandmate, Key, released his very first solo album, ‘Face’, which also dominated the iTunes chart in the UAE.