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Rain Image Credit: Supplied

Veteran K-Pop musician Rain is planning a global project to produce a male solo artist and a seven-member multinational boy group.

According to music insiders, Rain is disappointed in the small number of active solo male artists in the K-Pop industry and would like a new artist to follow in his footsteps. The ‘Rainism’ hitmaker is in the process of searching for and selecting passionate individuals through auditions in Korea and overseas.

Shortly after the news circulated online, his own agency R.A.I.N Company confirmed the news and revealed that preparations began late last year. The company is currently in the internal planning stages and is set to introduce the artists in late 2019 or 2020.

Rain will focus on being a full-fledged producer and search for the next generation of idols.

The singer, producer and choreographer has tried his hand in producing by launching his own all-boy group, MBLAQ, under Rain’s J.Tune Entertainment, which later merged with K-Pop juggernaut JYP Entertainment.

Born Jung Ji-hoon, Rain is an established name in Korea and across Asia. He debuted in 2002 as a soloist under JYP Entertainment and began his acting career in TV shows a year later. The multifaceted entertainer’s lead role in hit 2004 Korean drama ‘Full House’ cemented his status as a ‘Hallyu’ star. Hallyu translates to The Korean Wave, which describes how Korean fashion, culture and media gained global popularity in the 1990s.

The singer later made his Hollywood debut in 2008 film ‘Speed Racer’ and starred in action movie ‘Ninja Assassin’ in 2009, the latter of which earned him an MTV Movie award, a first by a Korean.

In 2015, Rain set up a one-man agency called R.A.I.N Company with the help of his long-time manager.