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Singers from three K-Pop groups will step away from group activities, their agencies said on July 11.

Twice’s Mina, Monsta X’s Hyungwon and Victon’s Choi Byun-chan are reportedly suffering from various health issues.

Mina, a Japanese member of Twice, will sit out the group’s ongoing world tour due to “extreme anxiety and insecurity toward performing on stage.”

JYP Entertainment released a statement updating fans on Mina’s health.

“After extensive discussion with Mina and the members of Twice, we have decided that Mina’s current condition requires additional treatment, professional measure, and sufficient rest,” the Korean agency stated.

The label added that Mina will not be attending the group’s world tour ‘TWICELIGHTS’. Her condition hasn’t been diagnosed yet but the agency “will do everything to provide proper and best medical treatment and sufficient resting for Mina’s recovery”.

Fans flooded Twitter with messages of support along with #GetWellSoonMina trending in the UAE and worldwide.

That same day, another singer, Monsta X’s Hyungwon feel ill.

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The morning they were scheduled to appear on a TV show, Starship Entertainment issued a statement regarding Hyungwon’s health on Twitter, and notified fans of the artist’s inability to join his bandmates for their historic appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain’ following “body ache symptoms”.

The label assured fans that they decided to prioritise the artist’s health as per the doctor’s orders.

Monsta X was in London for their ‘We Are Here’ world tour and will fly out to Berlin, which will be their last stop of their European leg of their tour.

Meanwhile in Korea, ‘Produce x 101’ trainee and Victon member Choi has decided to also take a break from participating in the survival show due to Achilles tendinitis.

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Choi Byung Chan.

Play M Entertainment delivered the news to fans on Twitter, stating that the pain from his chronic Achilles tendinitis worsened recently and has overlapped with the stress from competing and training in the competitive TV programme, all while receiving treatment.

Following his label’s statement, Choi left a handwritten letter to fans of his decision to leave.

His fans showed their affection and support for the artist by flooding Twitter with trending #GetWellSoonByungchan.