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In an another shocking disbandment in K-Pop, girl group Pristin has broken up two years after debuting as a group.

Pledis Entertainment confirmed the news in an official statement last Friday. The label revealed that the company and 10 members had an in-depth discussion before ultimately coming to a mutual agreement to disband as of May 24.

Members Kyulkyung, Yehana and Sungyeon will remain under the company while the other seven members Eunwoo, Nayoung, Yuha, Roa, Rena, Xiyeon and Kyla have decided to terminate their contracts.

In the statement released by Pledis Entertainment, the label mentioned that they will actively support the three members with their individual activities. As for the seven members leaving Pledis, they expressed their gratitude to them and will support them on new paths they’re going to take.

Shortly after the announcement, ‘Pledis’ and ‘Pristin’ were trending worldwide on Twitter. Even local fans were all in with a series of tweets, using #Pledis and sharing their thoughts on the news of the contract termination.

Pristin were formally introduced as a 10-member group in March 2017 and were Pledis Entertainment’s first girl group since After School. Prior to their debut, seven of the members were participants of competition franchise ‘Produce 101’. Kyulkyung and Nayoung were the final members to be promoted in I.O.I, a project girl group created from the TV reality show.

Pristin released two EPs, ‘Hi! Pristin’ and ‘Schxxl Out’, including singles like ‘Wee Woo’, ‘We Like’ and ‘Black Widow’. They took home rookie awards from Seoul Music Awards, Asia Artist Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). Ever since member Kyla took a hiatus from the group to focus on her health in October 2017, Pristin hasn’t released an album as a whole group in almost two years.

Five members — Nayoung, Roa, Kyulkyung, Eunwoo and Rena — formed a sub-unit Pristin V in May 2018.