Brown Eyed Girls. From left to right: Gain, Miryo, JeA and Narsha. Image Credit:

Brown Eyed Girls is reportedly preparing a comeback after a four-year hiatus.

According to a report by Korean news outlet Sports Chosun, a source from the girls’ label Mystic Entertainment confirmed that they are preparing to return as a full group in the first half of the year.

The girl’s last comeback was with their sixth studio album ‘Basic’ in November 2015, so excited fans are looking forward to seeing Miryo, JeA, Narsha and Gain with new music and as a four-member act again.

During their time off from their group activities, the members have been pursuing solo careers and individual activities in the entertainment industry.

Although member Narsha’s contract with Mystic Entertainment ended at the end of last year, she will continue to participate in the Brown Eyed Girls’ album and group activities.