South Korean K-pop boy group MustB perform in Abu Dhabi
South Korean K-pop boy group MustB perform in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: On the evening of October 28, hundreds of K-pop fans gathered at Umm Al Emarat Park in Abu Dhabi. A part of the global K-pop fan group called Muffins, they held glow sticks and waited excitedly for their favourite South Korean boy band MustB to get on stage.

This was MustB’s third visit to the UAE, as they performed during the ‘Kite: K-Pop in the Emirates’ concert on Saturday. Comprising of five members – Taegeon, Wooyeon, Doha, Soohyun, and Sihoo, the group debuted on January 21, 2019.

As the band got on stage, they first extended their heartfelt appreciation to their UAE fans for the warm welcome.

The group then performed a diverse set of dance songs including ‘Realise’, ‘Diamond'., and ‘Rush’
The group then performed a diverse set of dance songs including ‘Realise’, ‘Diamond’, and ‘Rush’. Image Credit: Supplied

The group then performed a diverse set of dance songs including ‘Realise’, ‘Diamond’, and ‘Rush’, and emotional ballads like ‘Just Say It’.

The group also did a dance cover of BTS's ‘Permission to Dance’ leaving the audience cheering loudly for more. A highlight of the concert was when fans united to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to MustB member Sihoo.

Ahead of their performance, MustB participated in a Q&A (questions and answer session) exclusively for Gulf News.

What is MustB's unique selling point with its audience?

Taegeon: Our charm lies in each member's different personalities and characteristics.

Doha: Our unadorned and realistic appearance.

Wooyeon: Humanity, friendliness, and chemistry between members!

Sihoo: We all have different charms, but it's our unique charm that allows those different charms to complement each other.

Soohyun: Freedom, friendliness toward fans, and the special chemistry between us.

Who motivated you to become an idol?

Soohyun: I aspired to follow in the footsteps of legendary performers like TVXQ.

Sihoo: When I was in high school, I auditioned for the first time at my friend's recommendation, and I dreamed of becoming an idol after watching Infinite’s ‘Chaser’.

What are some interesting similarities and differences between Korean and UAE fans?

Taegeon: Music is a common language that unites fans worldwide.

Doha: The main difference is language, but it can be overcome through the universal language of music.

Wooyeon: Language may vary, but the connection through music is universal.

Is there a role model you want to emulate?

Taegeon: BTS is my inspiration.

Doha: Baekhyun from EXO!

Wooyeon: A long-lasting career like BTS, with meaningful connections to fans.

Sihoo: Personally, I admire Jay Park!

What kind of singer do you aspire to be?

Taegeon: A joyful performer, always sharing happiness with the audience.

Doha: A singer like a friend.

Wooyeon: A singer who evolves and endures over time, with a unique identity.

Sihoo: There will be different pains, but I want to be an artist who can heal those pains.

In terms of MustB's music is there a new concept you want to try experimenting with?

Doha: [For us] dreamy songs are on the horizon, along with personal skill improvements for an upgraded experience.

What do you want to say to the UAE Muffins?

Taegeon: Thank you for waiting, and we're thrilled to be back.

Doha: We can't wait to see you again. Thank you for your unwavering support, and let's create more unforgettable memories together!

Wooyeon: Let's continue making memories as a family. We'll see you again soon, and thank you for being a Muffin!

Sihoo: Thank you for your support and love, and I am happy to see that we have more fans this year than during our last visit.

- Translation by E-Wha Kim, head of the media team at the Korean Cultural Center, Abu Dhabi.