V of K-Pop group BTS
V of K-Pop group BTS Image Credit: twitter.com/BTS_twt

When the seven members of South Korean pop stars BTS launched their personal Instagram accounts for the first time on December 6, their follower numbers understandably shot up to the millions in a matter of hours.

However, one member’s account gained so many followers that it broke two Guinness World Records.

V, real name Kim Taehyung, smashed his first record by reaching 1 million followers on Instagram in just 43 minutes, according to the Guinness World Record website.

His next record came soon after, when the follower count on @thv hit 10 million after 4 hours 52 minutes, “breaking the record for the fastest time to reach 10 million followers on Instagram.”

V and the other members — RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook — all have more than 20 million followers on the photo sharing app.

Prior to the launch of the Instagram accounts, none of the members had individual public social media accounts and they were most active on their shared Twitter account that has 42.2 million followers.

The opening of the new public accounts came hours after it was announced that the group that debuted in 2013 would be taking their second official vacation over the holiday period. Since then, some of the members have documented their holidays — RM has regularly shared about his visits to art galleries in the US, while J-Hope and V have posted images from their holiday together in Hawaii (they and Jin, Jimin and Jungkook are in quarantine in Korea after recently returning home) — while others have been quiet on the app.

However, it’s likely that after their break fans can expect new music and new concerts that the boys have been teasing.