Kim Kardashian arrives at Atlantis, The Palm on Wednesday morning. She will open the UAE’s first branch of Millions of Milkshakes at The Dubai Mall on Friday. Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: Kim Kardarshian. A name that make men salivate and women green with envy. Yes, she's beautiful, with a body undeniably voluptuous, she oozes the oomph whether dressed up or down, and she knows how to flirt with the camera. She's hung out with the richest of the rich and the most famous of the famous. She's been involved in her fair share of sex scandals (read infamous home video). She's brunette, brazen, bronzed and undeniably beautiful. Heck, she's even got her own TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And her wedding in August to basketball star Kris Humphries turned into an international media circus. But is that enough to make her one of America's top celebrities? Scrap that. It's not just America. It's all of the world. And now it's Dubai too that's been bitten by the K-bug.

Now that she's landed her famous bod here in Dubai, she's getting a personalised abaya designed for her; Atlantis is screaming off the rooftops that Kim chose them as her preferred hotel of choice; hundreds, if not thousands, will turn up on Friday to watch Kim take a sip out of her infamous milkshake at The Dubai Mall. The girl who started off as Paris Hilton's sidekick (did we say sidekick? Oops, we meant best friend), has overtaken her now arch rival with the mayhem she's created just by landing in our city. Incidentally, Paris was in and out of Dubai a couple of months ago without half the city even knowing of it.

So we're determined - we really are - to get to the bottom of this delicious mystery. Just what is the big deal here? Why all this fuss about Kim Kardarshian, an Armenian-American whose baby-browns have taken the world by storm?

For starters, it was her friendship with Paris Hilton that gave her initial 15 minutes of fame. Now that she'd found a foothold in the industry, Kim wasn't about to let go. She milked her friendship for what it was worth, took her fame to the next level with her sex tape, and then miraculously ended up with her own reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Now that the world had got a taste of Kim, she was determined to give them more. A true diva for what it's worth, Kim knows what the cameras like and when. She's coy and flirtatious all at once. She's a little-girl-lost and vixen at the same time. She's the sort of woman other women love and hate all at once.

During an XPRESS survey to find out what men really thought about Ms Kardarshian, we spotted many a girlfriend/wife roll their eyes in horror at the goofy smile on their partner's face while discussing Kim. Of course, we're not saying her fame is only physical. The girl's got a business acumen that's hard to find fault with. Disproving the myth that models should be skinny size zero women, Kim went on to strut her stuff in many an ad campaign, making her recognisable all over the world. The money, naturally, poured in. She went on to create her own fragrance, her own jewellery line, her own fashion empire really. And all the while the fame and the money reached heights like never before.

She's not just a pretty face, our Kim. Looking beyond the veils of envy, there's a lot to learn from her. Kim really does have it all. And more, dare we say.

So if Dubai goes ga-ga for the girl, who's to blame? She's a 21st century diva. A woman who's grabbed life by the delicates, who knows just what she wants, when she wants it, and how she wants it. It's no wonder that The Dubai Mall's going to be packed to the brim on Friday with fans, well-wishers, or even just the curious, all eager to catch a glimpse of this wonder-woman. To watch Kim launch her Millions of Milkshakes, to watch her slurp them down with pure delight, knowing every eye and every camera in the house is all hers, and hers alone.

Kim will launch Millions of Milkshake bar at Dubai Mall on Friday at 6.30 pm. You can also watch her at the mall's Fashion Catwalk later that evening. For Dh2,000, you can even dine with her at the Arabic Al Han restaurant in Abu Dhabi. VIP tables cost Dh5,000