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The Queen of K-Pop is all about women empowerment in her brand-new album titled Woman.

Fronted by the powerful anthemic lead track of the same name, Woman is BoA’s ninth and first full-length album since her eighth album, Kiss My Lips, three years ago.

During a press showcase, the first-generation Hallyu star explained that she wrote the generic song Woman for her 10-track album to raise women’s self-esteem and find their own definition of beauty because they often lose confidence when they get older.

The singer hasn’t shied away from the girl power concept as it was featured in her 2005 single, Girls on Top, which mainly covered confidence in girls.

The K-Pop veteran, who had a hand in composing and writing the lead track and several other songs, displayed full confidence in Woman, particularly in her female-focused music video. On October 24, she turned the world upside down with a powerful, jaw-dropping choreography at the intro of her performance, which includes walking in mid-air with the support of her dancers.

A pioneer in spreading K-Pop across Asia, BoA continues to remain at popular heights during the course of her 18-year long career. The singer debuted at the age of 13 in 2000 and grew to become a top star in Korea, Japan and across Asia. She is the first Korean artist to break into world’s second music market.