Joohoney K-pop band Monsta X enlists in military
Joohoney K-pop band Monsta X enlists in military Image Credit: Twitter

K-pop band MONSTA X members have sent Lee Joo-heon or Joohoney off to the military. The singer officially entered the military training center on July 24 as an active duty soldier.

On July 24, the South Korean band shared photos of members sending off Joohoney at the military training center on their official Twitter account.

The post includes a message from the singer who wrote: “I’ll be back in good health and full of energy. Let’s meet again on the day our ‘comma’ continues, Monbebe (MONSTA X’s official fan club).”

When Joohoney had recently announced his military enlistment, he said that he was 'very worried about how Monbebes will feel'.

He took to his social media handles to post photos of his new buzz cut and inform fans about his decision to fulfill his duties.

In a handwritten letter, Joohoney penned a heartfelt note to all his fans and vowed to return with more music. "Monbebes, I’ll be enlisting in the military on July 24. I didn’t know when was the right time to say this, so honestly, I debated a lot over the timing. Because there is less time left now than I’d anticipated, even as I write this, I’m very worried about how Monbebes will feel but above all else, I wanted Monbebes to smile and feel happy while watching me during our fan concert, and I wanted to see you all smiling like that. And I also wanted to make it possible for you all to feel that way."

He continued: "I’m not leaving forever, so please don’t worry about me, and please promise to look at the sky every day and recall the things I said and think about Joohoney at least once a day! Promise? After I come back, I’ll show you more good things. As I said, I think of this time as a comma for us. It’s not a period, but just a temporary comma that is leading to what lies next. [in English] I love you all day, I love you always so in love with yourself. I’m truly grateful to you, who have taught me love. I love you, Monbebes."

Joohoney is the third member of MONSTA X to fulfill his mandatory service following Shownu, who was discharged this year, and Minhyuk, who is currently serving in the military.

The band comprises of six members Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and IM.

Hyungwon and Kihyun also posted photos with Joohoney on their Instagram pages.