Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum Image Credit: Instagram/heidiklum

It’s all or nothing for supermodel Heidi Klum. Days after posting a picture of herself in her, errrr…., birthday suit, the model swung to the other extreme for Halloween. She dressed up as a peacock — feathers, beak and all — at New York City's Marquee nightclub on Tuesday night.


In pictures and videos that have gone viral, Klum appears in a royal blue velvet bodysuit and, together with an entourage of 10 Cirque du Soleil dancers in green-and-blue bodysuits, a giant peacock is born. Husband Tom Kaulitz showed up as an egg, a perfect foil to Klum’s elaborate costume.

Klum, who dressed up as a worm last year, told USA Today that she's always looking to ace her Halloween look. "Every year, I want to make it bigger and better.”

She told Entertainment Tonight: 'Just because I was this very minimal kind of rainworm [in 2022], I wanted to make something very elaborate and I wanted to make a costume with multiple people.”

'Hair and make-up maybe took six hours, but really it was more in the planning, meeting with the artistes, figuring out their costumes and make-up,” she added.

Earlier this week, Klum had shared a post of herself in the buff with the caption: "3 days to #heidihalloween2023. My Motto this Halloween GO BIG OR GO HOME," she penned, and added a partying face emoji.

No guesses on whether the German supermodel went big or went home.