Into The Deadlands: Ice Storm
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If you’ve ever been curious about how an action movie is made, Motiongate Dubai is offering a novel way to get behind the scenes of an upcoming film.

Audiences will be able to watch a show that features actors performing stunts and dances — with behind-the-scenes fun thrown in — as part of a real-life shoot for ‘Into the Deadlands: Ice Storm’.

According to a statement, resident director Felicia M Reel and her crew will shoot for the original action movie by Motiongate Dubai that follows the journey of two rogue strangers from a post-apocalyptic world.

“We’re really excited about this show! ‘Into the Deadlands: Ice Storm’ is an entertaining and thrilling mix of breathtaking stunts, adrenalin-pumping action sequences and jaw-dropping stagecraft. It’s a brilliant watch for the whole family and really anyone who loves movies,” said Abel Perales – Director of Entertainment at Motiongate Dubai.

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The first episode of ‘Into the Deadlands: Ice Storm’ will run in February at the Hollywood Theatre, with new episodes showcased over the next few months as the story progresses.

Access to ‘Into The Deadlands: Ice Storm’ is included in the entry ticket for Motiongate Dubai. Ticket prices start from Dh275.