Tom and Jerry trailer
Tom and Jerry in the new trailer. Image Credit: YouTube

Warner Bros Pictures has recently unveiled the trailer of the upcoming ‘Tom and Jerry’ movie which is scheduled for a 2021 theatrical premiere.

According to Variety, the titular characters are animated in similar styles like the original television show, and the film diverges from the tradition cartoon with live actors and a real-world setting.

The film sees Chloe Grace Moretz starring as an event planner hired by a hotel to organise a wedding function, but she is also expected to get rid of a mouse — Jerry — from his recent residence which is within the building’s walls.

The new film has been written by Kevin Costello and is based in Joseph Barbera and William Hanna’s classic ‘Tom and Jerry.’

The film revives the decades-old rivalry as Tom is enlisted to help remove Jerry from the premises before the date of the wedding arrives, reported Variety.

‘Tom and Jerry,’ film become the latest of the ‘Tom and Jerry,’ projects with the first shots dating back to 1940. There are 164 animated shorts, several TV series, and many movies to the ‘Tom and Jerry’ name.