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Jimmy Fallon Image Credit: Instagram.com/jimmyfallon/

In latest COVID-19 news, late night host Jimmy Fallon announced that despite being vaccinated and getting his booster shot, the virus still caught up with him over the holidays.

The TV personality, who hosts NBC’s ‘Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’, made the announcement on his Instagram account, while requesting everyone to get vaccinated as cases in the US surge to one million amidst the Omicron scare.

“Hey guys, on the first day of our holiday break I tested positive for Covid. I was vaccinated and boostered which made me lucky enough to only have mild symptoms,” Fallon wrote.

The 47-year-old continued: “Thank you to the doctors and nurses who work so hard around the clock to get everyone vaxxed. Thank you to NBC for taking the testing protocols so seriously and doing a great job — and also thanks for putting me in the “What ‘chu talkin’ about Willis?” isolation room when they told me the news.”

Fallon later addressed his positive status on ‘The Tonight Show’, revealing that it occurred as he was going in to tape a guest spot on the final ‘Saturday Night Live’ of the year.

The TV host is the latest in a growing list of celebrity names battling the virus in the US, including actress Lupita Nyong’o and talk show host Seth Meyers. Last week, actor Hugh Jackman also tested positive.