Actress Ellen Page. Image Credit: AFP

Actors Ellen Page and Paris Berelc will star in an underdog comedy set ‘1UP’ for BuzzFeed Studios.

The gaming comedy will be directed by Kyle Newman while BuzzFeed’s Richard Alan Reid is producing, as are Michael Philip and Jason Moring.

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Paris Berelc.

It will be the first feature from BuzzFeed Studios, according to Variety. Julia Yorks wrote the script that has been described as being in the vein of ‘Pitch Perfect’ but set in the world of eSports with a GamerGate backdrop.

Berelc is playing the college student while Page is the coach. The story centres on a female gamer named Vivian Lee who quits her college eSports team rather than put up with sexism from her male counterparts. But with her scholarship on the line, she is forced to assemble a Varsity-calibre, all-women’s team that can compete with the boys. With the help of an enigmatic coach who returns to the spotlight after her own GamerGate scandal, the young woman recruits an unlikely crew of unskilled misfits to kick some serious gamer butt, Variety added.

The production is expected to begin in Toronto in November.