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Huma Qureshi in 'Army of the Dead' Image Credit: Netflix

It is a career defining role for Huma Qureshi to star in Zack Snyder’s ‘Army of the Dead’, yet fans are confused and disappointed that her role hasn’t received justice or a befitting end in the film’s climax.

[Spoilers ahead] Qureshi plays Geeta in the zombie apocalyptic adventure, who ventures into the dead zone in a desperate attempt to get fast cash that will help set up her kids who are stationed with her in a makeshift camp outside the fallen city of Las Vegas that is overrun with the walking dead.

Finding herself kidnapped and held hostage by Alpha zombie Zeus and his army of the dead, Geeta is finally rescued by Kate Ward (Ella Purnell) and her father Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), only to disappear from the screen in the climax.

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Snyder, who is known to take creative liberties when filming, directs Geeta and the gang, including pilot Marianne Peters (Tig Notaro) escaping aboard a chopper, with Zeus leaping in at the last minute to take them down. Fisticuffs ensue, shots are fired and a nuke is dropped on Las Vegas, all in a matter of seconds before the helicopter crash lands outside the dead zone.

Moments before the crash, we see Zeus biting Scott and sealing his fate, before being killed himself. Peters kicks the bucket soon after attempting to bring the chopper down safely. Kate and Scott both survive the crash, before the latter is killed by his daughter. But Geeta, who we last see on aboard the helicopter with the rest of the rescue party, simply disappears from the screen.

Did she die? Fall out of the chopper? Turn into a zombie? No one really has an answer. When asked by Bollywood Life, Qureshi stated: “I’ll say one thing. In a horror movie, if you don’t die on screen, then you’re not dead.”

Her character appeared important enough for Scott to mention her before dying and hand over a wad of cash to Kate to help Geeta’s children, but Snyder had other plans about her fate.

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Huma Qureshi in 'Army of the Dead' Image Credit: Netflix

Some have speculated Geeta’s mystery is largely due to the Netflix film undergoing reshoots to replace Chris D’Elia as the pilot after misconduct allegations were levelled against him. Notaro, who replaced his character, was digitally added into the movie. It’s likely that Geeta ended up on the editing floor with D’Elia.

Yet fans on Twitter continue to question her fate, hoping for a definitive response. “Anyone that watched Army of the Dead confused on what happened to Geeta? Lol they forgot about her or what?,” questioned Matty Gallero on Twitter.

Hooi Wan V had a similar thought, tweeting: “There was a CRUCIAL side-plot about Katie going to find Geeta and then the helicopter crashed and they didn’t even bother letting us know whether or not Geeta survived it.”

Kapil Kapoor posted: “Hello Zack/Huma.. Just watched ARMY OF THE DEAD.. Great watch. Awesome. 2 questions.. 1. What happened to Geeta after chopper crash? 2. Are you coming up with a sequel? Greatly appreciated. Its a cliff hanger actually. Glued to your seat. All the best.”

Maybe Snyder will one day reveal all about Geeta’s fate or we might have to wait until ‘Army of the Dead 2’, if it’s happening.