Army of the Dead
Army of the Dead Image Credit: Netflix

Hot on the heels of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’, the filmmaker returns to unleash a zombie apocalypse through his Netflix film, ‘Army of the Dead’.

The new trailer brings the Snyder styled action packed in the 2.50-minute trailer that unspools to the soundtrack of Kenny Rogers’ throaty rendition of ‘The Gambler’.

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Zack Snyder shootying Army of the Dead Image Credit: Netflix

Former zombie war hero Scott Ward is enticed from his burger flipping days to return to action and retrieve the money of as casino boss that is tucked away in Las Vegas.

The only problem is, Sin City is overrun by zombies, who are reportedly smarter and deadlier than ever before.

As the tempo builds up, a gang of merry henchmen and cronies are teamed up to wander into zombie territory and make a run for it with the cash. What could possibly go wrong?

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Huma Qureshi in Army of the Dead Image Credit: YouTube Screengrab

The ragtag team of experts include Ella Purnell, Ana de la Reguera, Tig Notaro, Raúl Castillo, among others. Meanwhile, Bollywood fans will also find a blink-and-you-will-miss appearance of actress Huma Qureshi who plays Geeta, a mother who’s gone missing inside the city.

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Cast of Army of the Dead Image Credit: Netflix

With a ticking clock, a notoriously impenetrable vault, and a smarter, faster horde of Alpha zombies closing in and a monster tiger to boot, Snyder promises edge of seat action, who is serving on the Netflix project as a story writer and producer as well.

The film drops on the streaming platform on May 21.