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A new film that captures the dynamics of expat life in Dubai is set to release in December.

Directed by Shazia Ali Khan, Pinky Memsaab: A Dubai Story, is an urban drama that features the intersecting lives of two women from two different worlds.

The trailer of the film, which recently dropped on YouTube and has garnered positive reviews, stars Kiran Malik as the glamorous socialite Mehr who encounters the fresh-off-the-boat Pinky, played by Hajra Yamin. The film’s trailer hints at a complex story that highlights preconceived notions and unspoken class barriers.

“We made this film with a lot of passion, sincerity and truth. If it pulls a few heart-strings, brings about a few smiles or even some tears... we would consider this endeavour a success,” said Khan in a statement.

The multi-lingual feature is slated to release across the GCC on December 6 and the following day in Pakistan.