From left, producer Yousuf Harrab, MBC spokesman Mazen Al Hayek, Singer Assi Al Hellani, Actor Majed Image Credit: Supplied

Fancy spending a week at sea with Arab celebrities, the likes of Kazem Al Sahir, Assi Al Hellani, Nancy Ajram and Tamer Hosny? A holiday cruise concept launched by Emirates Holidays and MBC Group aims to bring together some of the Arab world’s biggest celebrities and fans and take them on a week-long cruise.

The seven-night ‘Stars on Board’ cruise takes place along the Mediterranean, starting from Italy, and passing by Croatia, Greece and Turkey. Kicking off on August 23, the cruise will feature a programme of concerts, comedy nights, musical shows and themed events.

Other celebrities joining the cruise include Saber Robaei, Yara, Melhem Zein, Roweida Attiyie, Mashael, Majed Al Masry, Lojain Omran, Mohammad Assaf, Ayman Zbib, Nader Atat and the Ma Fi Metlo comedy team.

Guests on board the cruise will have complimentary access to all of the shows performed, complimentary meals, flights to Venice where the cruise begins, an overnight stay in Venice, and the opportunity to explore the European cities where the ship will deck.

Passengers will also be able to enjoy various facilities on the ship such as restaurants, swimming pools, a spa and nightclubs.

“The main experience we’re hoping to provide to customers is the ability to meet the stars and mingle with them, and the entertainment from the cruise and concerts,” the vice president of commercial operations at Emirates Holidays, Dina Al Herais, told tabloid!. “The concerts on board will not be the same as regular concerts, as the artists will add a spin on their usual programmes.”

The cruise will be taking place for the third year, and MBC is set to shoot the third season of its reality TV series, Ala shatt bahr al hawa, following the stars on board the ship.

With different stars joining the cruise this year, and earlier versions of the cruise being sold out, organisers have revealed plans to have the cruise next year as well.

Fans from around the world may book a place on the cruise, which fits around 2,400 people, and go to Venice to board the ship.