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BTS Image Credit: AFP

Amid concerns over the coronavirus outbreak, Big Hit Entertainment, the Korean company that manages K-pop sensation BTS, announced Sunday an updated streaming-only platform for the group’s scheduled global press conference Monday in Seoul.

“Due to the spread of coronavirus, Big Hit has decided to proceed with the ‘BTS Global Press Conference’ via YouTube livestream only, without inviting the press onsite, as a measure to mitigate the risks,” read the company’s statement.

The conference, which follows Friday’s release of the band’s fourth album, ‘Map of the Soul: 7,’ will continue without press and fan attendance with a conversation based on emailed press questions followed by a Q&A session for fans.

“Due to the spread of Covid-19, events that bring together large numbers of people need to be refrained,” the statement continued. “Once again, we ask for your understanding as we are actively cooperating with the measurements taken by the government in regards to the Covid-19.”

The company concluded the statement by requesting that fans do not come to the venue where the event is being held, adding that the entrance to the event will be restricted and that “such measurements are taken for the press’ safety.”