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Indian actor Viineet Kumar is back with the four-episode zombie horror web series ‘Betaal’ launching on Netflix on May 24.

Here’s what the actor, whose credits include ‘Mukkabaaz’ and ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’, has to say about his new project, co-produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment.


Kumar plays Vikram Sirohi, a troubled army officer who’s haunted by his murky past. He has done something that he isn’t proud of and it continues to haunt his present.

‘Betaal’ is written and directed by Patrick Graham and Nikhil Mahajan.

“‘Betaal’ is an Indian horror series that is rooted in our country. It is set in an Indian village where tribals live and something happens which puts their existence at risk,” said Kumar in an interview with Gulf News tabloid!.

The series chronicles that clash between the dead and the living.

Here’s Kumar’s take on…


His new web series ‘Betaal’: “As an actor you want to experiment with all kinds of roles. In ‘Betaal’, I play the second in command of an armed squad … This kind of series which is a mix of zombie, horror, thriller, drama and action is the first off its kind from India … ‘Betaal’ is about an endless battle that is triggered between the living and the dead ... The film also traces my character’s journey too where he has to make peace with his past.”

On how streaming platforms are ruling the entertainment scene...


“I never thought that we would be in a lockdown where people stay home for more than two months. You can’t go out during this time and these OTT platforms keeps you entertained. A series like ‘Betaal’ will remind you of the time when your grandparents told you horror stories or when actors regale each other with horror stories when in a haunted location. Betaal will give you the same thrills ... Creative freedom that you get in OTT platforms is liberating. As long as we don’t intentionally hurt any community, OTT platforms give you that freedom. I have seen ‘Narcos’, ‘The Kingdom’, ‘Extraction’ — I have learnt about the different cultures and style of living of so many countries thanks to these web shows. It’s a window to the world.”

On the most challenging part of his role...


“In ‘Bard Of Blood’, produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, I got trained by commandos on how to handle guns … I was on call to handle my group of army men. The toughest part was to organise an ambush and how to do it convincingly on the small screener. It wasn’t about just wearing an army uniform. There are so many accessories that you have with you … it isn’t easy to carry them with ease and do action scenes.”

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‘Betaal’ is out on Netflix from May 24