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Anupam Kher, Koirala, Mahesh Bhatt and Gulshan Grover. Image Credit: AFP

Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala has launched a book called ‘Healed’, detailing her journey battling cancer. The event was attended by a number of stars including Mahesh Bhatt, Anupam Kher, Imtiaz Ali, Amruta Fadnavis, Deepti Naval, Rekha and Dia Mirza Tuesday here.

“I feel it was a kind of gift for me from life. Whenever we face any difficulties, we get upset about it but I feel difficulties comes in our life to teach us something that we didn’t knew about ourselves. It gives something good in return,” said Koirala about her battle with the disease.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer that time, I was traumatised. But when I look back, I feel it has given me new perspective to see life in a different light and lot of hope about many things in life. It also made me realise that how important my life and health is to me,” she added.

A string of Bollywood celebrities such as Rakesh Roshan, Sonail Bendre, Irrfan Khan and Anurag Basu have fought cancer in recent times.

“People know these things about Bollywood celebrities because they are public figures but this disease so prevalent in our society. I read one statistic that in developing countries between every three individuals one individual is diagnosed with cancer. That is the reason why we should do early check-ups because if you can detect it in early stage then you can treat really well,” said Koirala.

She also said she was sure that actor-director Roshan, who is diagnosed with early stage cancer, will come out as a winner.

On Tuesday, actor Hrithik Roshan shared on his social media accounts that his father has been diagnosed with early stage of squamous cell carcinoma, a type of cancer.

Koirala reacted to the news and said: “I can say only one thing that there is a way out. One should not give up because there is treatment available to this disease. I am sure he will come out of it as winner and I will pray to god that he comes out of it as a winner.”