Mandira Bedi and children
Mandira Bedi with her son and daughter Tara Image Credit: Instagram/MandiraBedi

After Sunny Leone’s adopted young daughter being trolled for her dark skin and looks, it’s now the turn of Mandira Bedi’s five-year-old foster child Tara’s turn to become the survivor of online hate and comments.

Mandira Bedi with Tara
Mandira Bedi with Tara Image Credit: Instagram/MandiraBedi

When Bedi recently proudly put up her family pictures of them vacationing in Alibaug, a section of the internet were quick to point out that her adopted daughter looked different from the rest of her foster family and was a misfit.

Derogatory remarks such as ‘street kid’ and ‘picked up from slumdog centre’ began doing the rounds.

But Bedi didn’t take it lying down. The cricket commentator went on record, publicly named, shamed and hit back at those ‘appalling’ and ‘nasty’ posts.

Vitriolic posts read: “Madam from which slumdog centre did you adopt your prop daughter?” and “The adopted street kid looks completely out of place...u greedy narcissists are scarring the slumdog for life.”

Bedi hit back at those comments with their own dose of stern put-downs.

Mandira Bedi Diwali
Mandira Bedi Diwali Image Credit:

“More from the model citizen. He calls himself Rajesh Tripathi, which definitely isn’t his name, because sickos like this are the biggest cowards too, who only know how to wag their tongues behind the shield of anonymity,” shot back Bedi. She also reported several accounts that were spewing hate at her daughter.

In October 2020, Bedi had revealed that she had adopted a girl child. She had welcomed their biological child Vir in 2011 with her husband Raj Kaushal.

Mandira Bedi's children
Mandira Bedi's children Image Credit: Instagram/MandiraBedi

“She has come to us like a blessing from above, our little girl, Tara. Four years and a bit with eyes that sparkle like stars, sister to her Vir. Welcoming her home with open arms and pure love. Grateful, thankful, blessed...Tara Bedi Kaushal became a part of our family on 28th July 2020,” said Bedi.

It's not the first time that a celebrity is receiving online hate and vitriolic coments. Former adult star Leone's adopted child Nisha also attracted negative and toxic remarks based on her appearance. 

Sunny Leone with her husband and kids
Sunny Leone with her husband and kids Image Credit: