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Kangana Ranaut Image Credit: Alt Balaji

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut unveiled the trailer of her new reality show ‘Lock Upp’ on Wednesday, stressing how delighted she was hosting the show.

“The spectacular launch of the show had piqued everyone’s curiosity, and the trailer is a testament of how bold, controversial and exciting it is going to be... I am equally thrilled and excited for foraying into the OTT space with such a unique and brilliant concept,” Ranaut said during the trailer launch.

She also expressed her gratitude towards Ekta Kapoor, saying: “I want to thank my boss-lady Ekta, for always being by my side, and she has always been someone I admire and respect a lot. So to all my fans out there, get ready for the most ‘fearless’ show ever.”

The show’s trailer features Ranaut wearing a shimmery, glittery golden dress, holding a shiny baton in her hands.

Perched on a velvet chair in what appears to be a prison, Ranaut faces the camera to say: “Living here is no less than a dream, a bad one, though!”

Ranaut further explains that 16 controversial celebrities will be locke dup for months and stripped of their amenities. To avoid eviction, the celebrity contestants will have to reveal their dark secrets to the entire world.

Television czarina Ekta Kapoor added: “Unlike other reality shows, ‘Lock Upp’ is being launched on a massive scale and has all the elements that make for an entertaining reality show. The concept of the show is brilliant and never-seen-before, as you must have seen in the trailer, and I am sure that it will captivate the viewers and set a new standard for reality shows.”

‘Lock Upp’ will air from February 27 on ALTBalaji.