Mumbai: Actress Kangana Ranaut during "In Conversation with the Mystic" in Mumbai on Aug 8, 2018.(Photo: IANS) Image Credit: IANS

Kangana Ranaut has marked the end of the shoot of her film Manikarnika - The Queen of Jhansi with a wrap-up party in Mumbai on Monday night.

Asked whether she feels there are any similarities in Rani Lakshmibai and in her own personality, the actress said: “I think her life was very tragic and she struggled a lot in her life. It’s not the kind of life which you will wish for somebody you like or you love at all.

“Similarly, I wouldn’t want my children to have the kind of life I have had. I don’t know why but I had to fight literally for everything since I am born and that is the only similarity that I have with her [Lakshmibai]. I haven’t got anything without a fight in my life but I am neither proud nor ashamed of it. I am just okay with the way my life is, but if you ask me that do I want this for my children or for whom I love, then my answer would be ‘No’.”

Manikarnika — The Queen of Jhansi has faced a lot of trouble.

First, filmmaker Ketan Mehta claimed that the makers of Manikarnika had hijacked his script, but his plea was dismissed.

Then, director Krish left the project and Ranaut took over the director’s chair. Following that, actor Sonu Sood walked out of the film.

Reacting to all the difficulties faced during the film’s making, Ranaut said: “Each film has its own journey and this film also had its journey. It is true that we faced some difficulties in the beginning while shooting the film but our team is so strong that we overcame those difficulties and that’s why we feel like doing celebration here.”