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First-time director Pushpdeep Bhardwaj says the story for his upcoming movie Jalebi features Delhi from an insider’s point of view.

“I was born and brought up in Delhi and lived [there] for the longest before I shifted in Mumbai to have my career in the film industry. So the way I know the city Delhi is way different from a touristy view. In the film Jalebi, I have offered that story of Delhi,” Bhardwaj said.

Being a theatre actor and director before joining the film industry, Bhardwaj did a lot of street theatre in the nooks and corners of the city. It lends a strong element of nostalgia.

“I tried to share my view on Delhi through the eyes of my protagonist Dev. He is a Delhi guy who takes tourists to food and heritage walks to unveil the other beautiful side of Delhi... he cannot let himself out of the city as he holds everything of the city close to his heart,” Bhardwaj said.

The film features debutant actor Varun Mitra and actress Rhea Chakraborty.

Working under the mentorship of veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt was a privilege for Bhardwaj.

Asked about directing a newcomer like Mitra, he said: “Though I was new in film direction, I knew my job and perhaps that is why I went on set with a certain confidence that gave all my actors a certain trust to submit themselves to my vision.”

Since the director used to work in theatre, asked why he did not try his luck in acting, Bhardwaj said: “I am fascinated by the art of storytelling, and acting or performance is a part of that. It is not that I am not interested in acting anymore... It is just that I am loving the process of storytelling through film direction. Having said that, I am open to the opportunity of acting.”

Produced by Vishesh Films, Jalebi releases in the UAE on October 11.