From left: Rashid Khan and Anushka Sharma Image Credit: Instagram

When Google users searched for Afghanistan cricketer Rashid Khan’s wife this week, they were left scratching their heads – the name Anushka Sharma popped up.

Sharma, a Bollywood actor, is a well-known celebrity. But even if you are only into cricket stars, this was a bit of a perplexing result. You see, she is married to Indian skipper Virat Kolhi.

So here’s what really happened – an interviewer asked Khan about his favourite actresses and he said Sharma was one he truly admired. Next thing you know, there’s a baseless romantic link-up and Google’s throwing up the wrong name.

There’s not been a comment from either Khan or Sharma about the mix-up; they are busy living their lives. Khan and Kohli are both in Dubai to play the IPL. Sharma, who is in the country too, is enjoying not only the live matches but also her pregnancy - she and Kohli announced the news just as IPL kicked off.