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Moroccan chef, Najat Kaanache (right), and Gordon Ramsay (second from right) sit with locals as they try the Moroccan New Year's Eve feast they prepared for them. Image Credit: National Geographic/Mark Johnson

Celebrated British chef Gordon Ramsay, who owns two posh restaurants in Dubai, has touched down in Kerala, South India to discover the signature dishes of North Malabar such as the sumptuous ghee rice, Kallumakkai (mussels) fry and Thalassery biryani.

According to a report published in Indian English daily Indian Express, the popular potty-mouthed chef is in Kannur to film a segment of his National Geography show ‘Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted’ on Malabar cuisine. Several native chefs and their dishes will feature in the documentary aimed at acquainting his fans with food from around the globe. He was spotted at Muzhappilangad Beach in Kannur earlier this week interacting with chefs from that region.

Ramsay, who leads a string of Michelin-starred restaurants in New York and London, even posted an Instagram story about his current culinary adventure in Kerala.

It’s not his first trip to India and Kerala. In his earlier interviews, he expressed his excitement at discovering the glories of food served in Kerala.

He even stayed in a spartan ashram in Kerala to discover the joys of vegetarian cooking a few years ago.

“For me, ‘Uncharted’ was diving into those unknown secrets, away from the touristy parts and embedding myself in that community. I’ve spent the last two decades with the most amazing ingredients arriving on my doorstep, so to turn that in reverse and to go to the source is incredible,” he once told Gulf News tabloid! about his show.