190826 Salman Khan
Salman Khan Image Credit: IANS

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan posted a sobering video on April 15 urging Indians not to flout coronavirus lockdown rules and endanger the collective health of a nation.

“Coronavirus has the power to wipe out an entire country… Are you strong enough to conduct the funeral rites of your family members because of your carelessness? We have only two choices right now — respect the rules, the doctors and make sure that it doesn’t spread or watch your loved ones die. Do you want the military rule to be imposed?,” asked Khan in the 9 minute, 36-second video. He also patiently explained how a person’s cavalier attitude towards containing the virus by not staying home can cost dearly.

“I know people who hate going out usually are now beginning to step out because they are being asked by the governments not to… What are you trying to prove?,” asks an exasperated Khan.

This video is an addition to his series of cautionary videos that Khan has been posting ever since India and the world went into a lockdown to flatten the curve of coronavirus. Earlier, Khan had posted a relatively informal video with his nephew about the dangers of stepping out.

Khan also gave a shout out to doctors, bankers and law-enforcement officers who are still working so that the essential services required aren’t halted.

“They are working round the clock for more than 18 hours a day. And by you stepping out, you are pelting stones at their efforts… I have also heard that some men are running away from hospitals when they are tested positive for coronavirus. Where are you running towards? Life or death?” asked Khan.

Khan, who has millions of followers and fans worldwide and has halted filming of his new projects, is leading by example. He is trapped in his farmhouse near Mumbai with select family members and is respecting the rules of lockdown by staying indoors. Videos of his privileged existence indoors as he feeds his horses have also been doing the rounds.

Khan, who is known for his multiple run-ins with the law, also urged his fans to wear masks and gloves at all times, especially while stepping out. Taking the example of an incident that happened in his household, he regaled his fans about how his house help who went to buy rations and daily essentials. His help was stopped by cops and he removed his mask while speaking to them, a clear indication that he forgot the rules of wearing masks at all times.

Khan’s plea during coronavirus outbreak is simple. Follow the rules or you may be facing military intervention.