Anushka SHarma 1
Anushka Sharma Image Credit: IANS

Anushka Sharma condemned the attacks on medical practitioners and discrimination faced by coronavirus patients in the country.

The ‘PK’ actor took to Twitter to post a statement in this regard saying: “Deeply disturbed reading some reports about how coronavirus patients and even some medical professionals who are in the frontline taking care of such patients are being discriminately treated.”

She then said that it is necessary that the countrymen take care of each other and treat their fellow citizens with respect.

“At times like this, it is important that we care for each other and are extremely sensitive to the suffering of others,” said Sharma.

“Let’s not treat fellow citizens with disrespect and stigma. It’s the time to stay united and stand united,” she added.

Many incidents of doctors and other medical practitioners fighting against COVID-19 being roughed up have been reported from different parts of the country.