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Sonu Sood image on a SpiceJet aircraft Image Credit:

Don’t be surprised if you spot a SpiceJet plane with a larger than life image of Bollywood actor Sonu Sood staring back at you.

The Indian carrier has paid tribute to the star for his social activism during India’s COVID-19 lockdown by wrapping some of its planes in special livery that feature an image of the actor, along with a special message that reads: ‘A salute to the saviour Sonu Sood’.

The airline also posted a series of tweets explaining why they chose to pay tribute to the star in this manner.

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Sonu Sood helping transport migrant workers home during last year's COVID-19 lockdown in India. Image Credit: IANS

“The phenomenally-talented @SonuSood has been a messiah to lakhs of Indians during the pandemic, helping them reunite with their loved ones, feed their families and more,” the airline tweeted. “While there is no apt way to thank him for his immense efforts, here is a small gesture from SpiceJet to acknowledge him and his amazing contributions. Introducing our one-of-its-kind Sonu Sood livery draped on Mustard, one of our lovely Boeing 737 aircraft.”

The carrier further added: “Thank you for everything, Sonu! You are an inspiration to us and many others, and we are proud to be your partners in your deeds of extraordinary compassion.”

In an interview with IANS, Sood said he only got to know about the gesture through pictures he received on social media from fans.

“I felt really honoured when I saw those images. The aircraft was parked at different airports and people were sending me different images from Leh, Hyderabad, Punjab and Delhi. I feel blessed. I miss my parents more, I wish they could see this,” Sood told IANS.

The actor played an active role in helping displaced migrants reach home during last year’s Indian lockdown by arranging transportation, providing hotel accommodation and assisting with meals.

Aside from fans, several celebrities also congratulated Sood over the tribute, with Indian actress Kajal Aggarwal tweeting: “Wow Sonu! This is just amazing. Big salute to all the fabulous work you have done and continue to do.”

Aside from Aggarwal, TV and film actor Vatsal Sheth and filmmaker Anand Kumar also congratulated Sood.

Sood himself reposted the images on his Twitter handle, while adding: “Remember coming from Moga to Mumbai on an unreserved ticket. Thank you everyone for all the love. Miss my parents more. @flyspicejet”