Mumbai: Actress Adah Sharma during 2019 International Quality Awards (IQA) in Mumbai, on March 15, 2019. (Photo: IANS) Image Credit: IANS

Actress Adah Sharma is thrilled about playing a man in a comedy film on sex reassignment surgery.

‘Man to Man’ revolves around actor Naveen Kasturia’s character falling in love and marrying Sharma’s character and later realising that she was biologically a man and became a woman after going through surgery.

“I try to pick different characters from my debut ‘1920’ to ‘Commando 2’ and ‘Commando 3’. This is the first time I’m playing a guy,” Sharma said in a statement.

Kasturia said it’s the right combination of entertainment and a social message.

“This film is a very different and an interesting take on the burning issue of gender acceptance,” he said.

It has been written and directed by Abir Sengupta.

“Working with Adah and Naveen has been a phenomenal experience,” Sengupta said. “I am sure that the audience will not just get entertained but will also take back the message that I am trying to convey through the film.”