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An Arabic remake of the Italian comedy-drama film Perfetti Sconosciuti (Perfect Strangers) is on the way.

Front Row Entertainment and Kuwait National Cinema Company (KNCC) have acquired the Arabic-language rights to the hit 2016 movie. The adaptation will be a Lebanese-Egyptian co-production in collaboration with Empire International and Film Clinic, which recently added Cannes Film Palme d’Or contender Yommedine to its list of credits.

Perfect Strangers is about seven lifelong friends who come together for a dinner and decide to share every text message, email and phone call they receive that evening to prove they have nothing to hide. Their plan ultimately backfires and unravels a web of hilarity and secrets.

“Whether you’re a man or a woman, we all have something to hide… lying is universal. [Writer-director] Paolo Genovese and team have delivered one of the most clever and universally adaptable scripts known to contemporary cinema. We’re extremely happy to be involved in such a proven property,” said Gianluca Chakra, managing director at Front Row.

The film has been remade in French, Spanish, Greek and Turkish. German, Swedish, Korean and Russian versions are currently being developed.

A theatrical release for the upcoming Arabic version is planned.

Front Row president and KNCC general manager Hisham Al Ghanim added that they are looking into more potential remakes that could resonate well in the Mena region.