Mohammad Nejm Image Credit: Supplied

Cairo: Egyptian veteran actor Mohammad Nejm, known for hilarious stage comedies, died Wednesday at a hospital Cairo, his family said. He was 75.

He died of a stroke, they added.

Nejm started his career in the 1970s with a series of cameo roles in television serials and films including the musical “My Tale with Life” starring legendary singer Warda.

Later, Nejm focussed on comedies at the theatre where he made a big name. He was noted for a distinct husky voice, on-stage improvisation and funny one-liners.

His big break came in 1979 when he starred in “The Lunatics’ Nest”, a stage comedian, which was a box office hit and generated massive popularity when aired on television.

He rose to further renown after starring in ensuing stage comedies including “Abdu Challenges Rambo”; “The Bulldozer”; “An Original and Five”.

After a long hiatus, Nejm made a comeback in 2015, taking part in the stage comedy “Stupid Wanted Immediately”.

His death triggered an outpouring of eulogies from Egypt’s acting community.

“Farewell, Mohammad Nejm. May God have mercy on you,” well-known Egyptian actor Eduard said in a post.

Nejm is survived by his wife and son Sharif, who is an actor.