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Guru Sishyan
Cast Sathyaraj, Shruthi Prakash, Sundar C
Director Shakthi Chidambaram
Rating TBA

Of late, it has been inspired to look at some of the community's pressing problems such as exploitation of workers, political vendettas and caste clashes. Director Shakthi Chidambaram's Guru Sishyan focuses on some of the uncharacteristic acts that supposedly holy men have begun to indulge in. Interestingly, Chidambaram seems to have made a clean forecast: the recent escapades of a Tamil Nadu priest involving a starlet find echo in Guru Sishyan, though, as the director says, the story and script were written much earlier.

Sathyaraj plays a moneylender who opens an ashram, attracts foreign patrons, earns a lot of money and enjoys a luxurious life. Sathyaraj, known for his satirical portrayal of social evils, is said to fit the part to the last twitch of his face. His gestures and mannerisms are perfect. Sundar C, the director-turned-actor, essays a role that runs parallel to Sathyaraj's. Sundar is the student, whose love interest is played by Shruthi. Guru Sishyan appears to have the market eating out of its hands. The movie's Telugu and Hindi remake rights have already been sold. Some of Chidambaram's earlier works like Charlie Chaplin were also remade in other languages.

Chidambaram's lucky mascot is Rajnikanth, whose film titles have been freely borrowed. Rajnikanth had earlier made a movie called Guru Sishyan. Some years ago, Chidambaram had used another Rajnikanth title, Rajathiraja, and had found the box-office ring with the sweet sound of success. Could the Guru Sishyan, set to music by Dhina, be a replay of that triumph?